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*Now offering Slow Motion Video Booth as well as Photobooth options too!

Our team is a small group of talented individuals. We like to devote our full time and attention to everything we do, which means we take on a smaller amount of work each year. In this way we can guarantee the quality of our work, which we hold to the highest standard possible. Please refer to the "About Us" section if you would like to learn more about our team and our experience, and what makes us stand apart from the rest.


Some Production Companies are photography companies that offer video as an afterthought, or vice versa. For us, we have both incredibly talented cinematographers and photographers, and we believe that neither is more important than the other. We also give discounts to those booking both video and photo, and to weddings taking place during the off season, or weddings not taking place on Saturdays.


We are based in the Bay Area in California, but are happy to travel wherever our projects take us. As the premiere wedding photographers and wedding videographers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are often contacted to travel to Monterey, Santa Cruz, and anywhere else our clients' might require us to be!




Wedding photography, Events, Portrait photography sessions, Engagement Sessions, Headshots, Product Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Landscape, Photo Retouching, Printing, Album Design, and more!


Most of our packages will come with 2 photographers, but you may request 1 photographer or additional photographers if you feel it is necessary for your event. Watch out for some companies saying "2 photographers" and sending a photographer and their assistant with the backup camera. We send two amazingly talented photographers to take twice as many amazing pictures!


Our cameras are the highest quality, newest technology around. We can take pictures during dark ceremonies without flash and still have them come out perfect. We get so much beautiful detail and color in our photos that you'll be amazed when you see them in full resolution - and we always provide you with the full resolution pictures! We also have the newest flashes, and of course a huge selection of beautiful, top quality lenses for every occasion. We never miss a shot.


Whenever you book Wedding Photography package with us, you'll not only receive a DVD with all your digital copies, we also host all your photos in a private online gallery for you. You always receive a print/album credit as well, which you can put towards ordering prints (which can be done right off the website in your private gallery) or having an album designed for you.


We can design any type of album, in any size, material, and style. Magazine style flush mounted albums are very popular, and we make some of the most gorgeous you'll ever see.


Engagement Sessions for weddings are usually included in the wedding package, and they always come with an 11x14 signature frame for your guests to sign at your reception.

We also offer Photobooth options including green screen backgrounds!





Wedding videography, event videography, commercial production, music video production, documentaries, corproate interviews, films, etc. We do everything and we do it at the highest production level you can find.


All of our video packages come with at least 2 videographers, each with their own HD camera. We believe two videographers are essential to a good production, as video needs to maintain continuity, cut between shots to stay interesting, is less mobile, etc. We can offer 1 videographer in special circumstances. We film everything in HD, and we can deliver in every format - online, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.


Any package including editing will come with your choice of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or a combination of the two. For weddings, we edit your event to look like a movie, with montages set to music (you choose the songs) as well as all the detail for important moments such as the ceremony. We use transitions, color correction, color grading, audio remixing, slow motion, and more in our quest to make your final product beautiful and memorable. We are happy to customize your editing to any style you might like, whether it be stylish and modern or classic and elegant. We even offer the vintage look of 8mm film for those who want something a little different. We also include a gorgeous highlight clip of the whole day, which we upload to a private online gallery for you and also include in your DVDs/Blu-ray discs.


Our equipment is the highest end equipment in our field. Our cameras have been used to film hollywood films and our newest cameras have been getting use on the most popular TV shows on the planet (the season finale of "House" was shot in HD with the same cameras we use). We bring 5 separate audio recording devices to be sure we never miss any of speeches or vows, including wireless mics, shotgun mics, and audio recorders. We can also plug directly in to audio boards to get the same sound going to the speakers. We have full studio lighting kits, although we prefer not to use them on event shoots as they can be bulky - instead we rely on our cameras amazing ability to film even in the dark, and when that fails we can resort to on camera LED lights which don't get hot and cast a nice soft diffused light. For interviews and green screen/seamless background shots we have our own backdrops and rent studio space when necessary.


Extra features such as "Love Story" videos and slideshows are always available. We even offer a same day edit option, which means you can have your wedding thus far edited into a highlight clip and shown at your reception!

Now also offering slow motion video booths - get a quick video highlight of you and your guests being ridiculous in slow motion!  When it comes to slow motion video booths in the bay area, we're the place to go!